As well as giving loads of massages over the years, I’ve also received lots of massage. Some memorable for how wonderful it made me feel. Some remembered for more for unpleasant reasons (I’ll never forget one therapist answering her phone and having a conversation mid-massage!). I know what I like in a massage; but this is different for everyone. I try to individualise massage treatments for each client, on each visit. Preferences often change depending on our levels of stress, energy and discomfort.

Your time is precious so it’s important you’re getting the most out of your treatment. These are my tips for helping to enhance your massage experience:


👚 Wear comfortable clothes to make it easier to get undressed and dressed.

📵 Turn your phone off or on silent, preferably before you even walk into the clinic space.

⏲️ Arrive a few minutes before your appointment time.
Often the anticipation of a pleasurable event is almost as good as the event itself! Take a moment to appreciate taking this time to nurture yourself.

🚰 Bring a water bottle
Due to COVID many clinics don’t have water and glasses at the ready, although of course a drink can be provided if needed.

📅 Time your massage so you don’t have to rush off to something straight after your treatment.
It’s nice to be able to “float” through the rest of the day, or at least the following few minutes.



🦵 Hairy legs
Or any other part of the body 😊 It doesn’t matter and will not affect your massage. Who wants to go the effort of de-fuzzing if you don’t need to, eg during winter. After all, men have massage and they generally have hairy legs!

🩲 Undies
Your underwear is covered with a towel during treatments, so it really doesn’t matter what your undies look like. In actual fact, old, stretchy undies are more comfortable and easier to massage around.

🧍 Body image
Every body is unique. Massage therapists don’t care about wobbly bits, flat bits, uneven bits etc.  It’s important that you feel comfortable and can relax with your therapist to get the most out of your treatment.



💆 Preferred pressure
This can be very subjective and can depend on the area being treated, how you’re feeling emotionally and of course any injuries. Even if it’s been discussed prior to your massage, speak up during the treatment if you feel the pressure is not right for you.

👣 Preferred body areas for massage
I find the two areas that people are most likely opposed to being touched are their feet or their head. Or – this might be a spot you LOVE to be touched! It’s your massage, your choice.

🌡️ Ideal temperature
Your body temperature can drop during a massage, so if you’re feeling cold speak up. I feel there is nothing worse than being cold in a massage! Likewise, if you’re hot and uncomfortable, as is the case with many pregnant women. My heater is constantly being adjusted to suit the individual.

🤐 If you want time to chat or time to chill
Once again, this can be individual and depend on your circumstance on the day. I find most people prefer minimal talking during a massage. There is nothing worse than having your ear talked off when you just want to relax! I will never forget going for a much-needed massage (extremely sleep deprived with a baby) where the therapist proceeded to give me an elaborate account of all four of her births after discovering I was a midwife. Needless to say, the massage did not have the desired effect!


Next time you go for a massage, don’t sweat the small stuff and consider what you need to make the massage your own. Your treatment should be personalised to suit you, on that particular day. Enjoy!


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