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About Mother Nurture

Mother Nurture Aromatherapy and Massage aims to enhance the health and well-being of women and their families. I draw on my qualifications, experience and passion to provide personalised care and treatments. I love to see people experience the natural healing properties of essential oils and the many benefits of massage.

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Aromatherapy Workshops

Sonya is passionate about educating people on what aromatherapy is, its benefits and uses and safety considerations. She has run various workshops in local community centres and clinics. 

She has presented on Aromatherapy Applications in Midwifery for ACM (Australian College of Midwives) conferences, maternity units and universities.

With a number of workshops available both in clinic or online including an Introduction to Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy for First Aid, Safe Aromatherapy for Babies & Children, and Aromatherapy for Mental wellbeing.

Sonya is also available to provide sessions to nurses and midwives or other health professionals on considerations for aromatherapy use in their practice.

Mother Nurture Aromatherapy and Massage

Baby Massage Classes

Sonya runs Baby Massage classes. Classes can be run in groups or privately and include short introductory classes or full courses.

Classes involve teaching parents the techniques of baby massage and the many benefits this can provide for baby as well as parents.

Sonya offers private and group classes. Baby massage classes can be run in clinic, in your own home or venue of your choice, or online via Zoom. Both parents are welcome at all classes. 

Thanks again Sonya, having the oils really contributed to the calm environment at the birth, and how I managed the labour and I would definitely use them again!



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