Baby massage

Baby Massage Classes

Are you a new parent looking for a fun, but beneficial, exercise to do with your baby?

Would you like to learn some skills to help settle your baby or help relieve their wind pain?

Are you expecting a baby and keen to implement some baby massage as soon as possible?

I invite you to join me in a private session or group class.

Baby massage classes are run regularly throughout the year at MAMA, Kensington, in small groups. Click link below for current schedule.

Private sessions can be run in clinic, in your own home or venue of your choice, or online via Zoom. 

Click here to book a session in clinic or contact Sonya if you would like to orgnaise your own class. 

Baby massage classes

Baby massage is a wonderful skill parents can add to their toolbox, which can be utilised throughout their child’s life. Correct stroke techniques and timing are vitally important to achieve the many benefits of baby massage.

There is a comprehensive list of benefits for infant massage, based on extensive research. These benefits can be life-long and can extend to mum and dad as well as baby. Some of the many benefits include:
•       Reduced crying time
•       Improved sleep
•       Improved mood
•       Relief from wind, colic, reflux and constipation
•       Boosts immune system
•       Relief of sinus and chest congestion
•       Enhanced bonding & confidence in parents

Infant massage classes include introductory sessions and 3 week courses in small groups or private classes.

This course has given us the tools and guidance to help our baby relax and also give us a way to connect through touch.


Really loved the small group and it was really well demonstrated.  Definitely helped with wind!


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Loved face to face, in person demonstration of strokes. Helped me feel confident to try it myself and so far my baby seems to be loving it.


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