Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy brings many changes; physically, psychologically and socially. You can often feel vulnerable at this time, feeling the responsibility of growing a little human.  It can be difficult to know where to turn for trusted advice and treatments.

I love to care for and support women throughout their pregnancy. Nurturing yourself during pregnancy with aromatherapy and massage can be so beneficial to help ease discomforts, improve sleep and prepare for birth.

I take extra care to put you at ease, especially when you meet me for the first time.

  • We discuss any specific concerns you have
  • I ask how you are feeling, both physically and emotionally – this ensures appropriate massage techniques and essential oils are chosen
  • The treatment is explained, how it differs from a non-pregnancy massage and safety issues involved
  • Your comfort is my priority throughout the whole process; including room temperature, bed set up, level of talking (I prefer minimal chat to enhance relaxation, but I leave it up to you)

I would love to be in your circle of support throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can begin as early as you wish and continue right up until your birth.

Longer treatment times are recommended during pregnancy to allow time to discuss changes and provide a full body treatment.

75mins – $130

90mins – $155

Equally important is caring for you as a new mother, helping you recover from birth and adjust to the demands of motherhood. Mothers find that by allowing time to nurture and care for their own mind and body they are in a better place to nurture and care for their family.

Aromatherapy and massage can be so beneficial in this process. Many mums continue this support far beyond the newborn years.

Once again, it’s important to feel comfortable and secure. I understand you may be feeling exhausted, emotional and overwhelmed. Massage techniques will be adjusted according to your birth, feeding and any issues experienced. Care is taken with essential oils used, as we now need to consider baby’s safety as well.

Whilst it is preferable to enjoy some time out on your own, babies are very welcome in my massage room. I have often done full massages with baby in tow, adjusting positioning as we go if baby needs to feed or settle.

Mother Nurture is making it easier to look after yourself during pregnancy and beyond with these great pregnancy packages.

  • 75min treatment x 5 – PAY $575 & SAVE $75
  • 90min treatment x 5 – PAY $675 & SAVE $100

*Pregnancy packages include $10 discount for first postnatal massage + $10 discount for any baby massage class.

* There is no expiry date attached to packages

35 weeks pregnant and had the most nurturing massage with Sonya dropping in to a state of relaxation I haven’t been in for some time!

Massages with Sonya are now a staple need for pregnancy and post partum for renewal, relaxation and clarity – will definitely be my fix to get back on and up!

Thank you Sonya x


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Seriously, that was the best massage I’ve ever had – and I’m pregnant! I can’t believe how comfortable I was, you knew just how to position the pillows. I was so relaxed.


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