Aromatherapy Consultations

Not sure how to use your selection of essential oils safely and therapeutically?

Keen to explore how essential oils can support you and your family through cold and flu season?

Need some help to balance emotional ups and downs?

Looking for alternative ways to enhance wellbeing during pregnancy?

Searching for tools to support you during labour and birth?

I’m here to help. Aromatherapy consultations can take place in person, online or via phone.

aromatherapy consultations

A thorough consultation is taken to determine your physical and psychological health to ensure essential oil treatments can be prescribed specific to your needs. Personalised aromatic remedies can be employed to treat many health complaints and enhance well being.  Health issues that can benefit from aromatic treatments include:

  • colds & flu, skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, infections
  • morning sickness, pregnancy related issues,  mastitis and breastfeeding problems
  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • physical and emotional ailments of babies and children

Initial/long 60mins/$99
Follow-up/short 30-40mins/$77
aromatic remedies at extra cost

You’ve created some amazing blends that truly helped me and my family!

… honestly burning “Calm” essential oil in the evening was my favourite part, to get through this stressful period.


Your cleanser smells so beautiful and I love that I know exactly what each ingredient is. I’ve really been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals going into/onto my body and your products have made that so much easier to do! The baby massage oil is also amazing. .


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Thanks again for your beautiful oil blends, I loved the special one you mixed up for me!

I absolutely loved using your oils during the last few weeks of the pregnancy and in labour! I definitely felt less nauseated after I started using the oils and I had heaps more energy during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy! I wish I had found out about you are used the oils earlier.


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