How should I store my essential oils?

Essential oils need to be stored in dark bottles away from light and heat. Citrus oils are always best kept in the fridge as they can oxidise quickly.

Can I take essential oils orally?

Essential oils must NEVER be taken internally unless under the supervision of a QUALIFIED aromatic medicine practitioner.

I don't have a vaporiser/oil burner. Is there some way I can use the essential oil in the environment?

The easiest way to vaporise essential oils into the air is to fill a bowl with hot (not boiling) water and add  4 to 6 drops of essential oil on top. Use a ceramic or glass bowl and keep out of reach of children.

I have really sensitive skin. Can I use aromatherapy?

As sensitive skin often reacts to the harsh chemical preservatives in products, natural aromatherapy based products may be a good alternative. However, everyone is different and a patch test would always be recommended.

Is aromatherapy safe in pregnancy?

While a lot of essential oils are safe to use in pregnancy, some are contraindicated. Often it is more about the dose and methods in which they are used. It is best to contact a qualified aromatherapist prior to using essential oils during pregnancy. For more info on this topic explore our blog.

What if my essential oil is out of date?

Some essential oils last for a long time, others can oxidise and “go off” much more quickly such as citrus oils. If citrus oils have expired they can still be used in a vaporiser to purify the air or add a few drops to warm water for cleaning household surfaces or mopping the floor.

Does it matter what base oil I use with essential oils?

In aromatherapy what you use to “carry” the essential oils into the body is important. The best is pure cold pressed vegetable oils. Mineral oil, petrolatum jelly and animal fats should not be used. These substances are occlusive to the skin. Good quality vegetable oils have healing properties of their own. It is also important the oil is fresh and hasn’t oxidized.

How old does my baby need to be for baby massage classes?

Your baby can be newborn up to a few years old. It’s never too early or too late to learn, although it can be beneficial to start as early as possible. In most classes babies are around 2 – 6 months old. It’s more about how you feel getting out of the house and taking in information. You’re also welcome to attend baby massage classes if you’re pregnant and want to learn before your baby is born. ⁠

When can I have a massage after birth?

As soon after birth as you’re comfortable! You might think, as many women do, that you need to wait 6 weeks before you can have a massage however this isn’t true. (There may be restrictions if you’ve had a caesarean birth, contact your therapist beforehand). Massage techniques and positioning are adjusted accordingly.

Can I have a massage in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Contrary to what many believe, massage and aromatherapy are safe during all trimesters of pregnancy under the guidance of a qualified, experienced therapist.

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