About Mother Nurture

Using mother nature to nurture mothers and families

This was essentially the vision!

My qualifications, experience and passion in midwifery, clinical aromatherapy and massage provided the foundations for Mother Nurture. 

I find aromatherapy is particularly appealing for its ability to treat holistically and allows me to provide more personalised care

However, through my discussions with women it became evident that many were reluctant to use aromatherapy during their pregnancy. Women are quite vulnerable during this time and with so much confusing and conflicting advice it was often simpler to do without. I knew firsthand that under the care of a qualified therapist, aromatherapy was a wonderful, natural way to treat minor discomforts and enhance wellbeing during pregnancy and birth. This spurred me on to develop a service where women could be assured they were receiving expert advice and care.

I also love empowering parents with tools (such as aromatherapy and infant massage) to help care for their families.

My approach is three-fold:

Personalised consultations and treatments in a nurturing, safe and comfortable environment.

The provision of high quality, natural products and personalised remedies, created with expertise.

Education on Aromatherapy and Infant Massage through workshops, conferences and written articles.

About Mother Nurture

Hi, I’m Sonya!

My journey into aromatherapy began in 2000. While in a career as a registered nurse and midwife I was also interested in alternative, natural treatment options for patients as well as my family. I was introduced to an array of aromatic oils at an “aromatherapy party” and started using some of these to help counteract the effects of shift work; improving sleep and boosting mood levels.

I was keen to learn more about the science of how these beautiful aromas actually worked to improve wellbeing, as well as treat physical ailments family members were experiencing at the time. This led to my formal studies in clinical aromatherapy and massage and creation of many aromatic remedies.

In fact, the majority of Mother Nurture products were developed in response to specific requests or for a particular purpose. After being trialled and tested by many, they gradually became part of my product range.

It began with pregnancy treatments for my sister – and then myself. Essential oils were valuable in enhancing our wellbeing during two pregnancies and births – and for getting through just about every day since! My baby bottom balm is as old as my nephew – he is now in his twenties! I created the Study essential oil blend when I was doing my post graduate degree. My cold and flu remedies came to the fore at different stages and ages.  

Aromatherapy has become an integral part of our daily family life.

I often call myself “the accidental businesswoman”. Mother Nurture gradually came to be what it is today as I realised how much I could support women to enhance their wellbeing from preconception through to the many years of motherhood and beyond.

And – how much I delight in doing this!

I am rewarded every time I hear an essential oil blend improved sleep, a pregnancy massage provided much needed pain relief, a new mum gets the nurturing care she deserves or parents realise the benefits of their new-found baby massage skills.

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Thanks again for your beautiful oil blends, I loved the special one you mixed up for me!

I absolutely loved using your oils during the last few weeks of the pregnancy and in labour! I definitely felt less nauseated after I started using the oils and I had heaps more energy during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy! I wish I had found out about you are used the oils earlier.