Just like food and traditions we can often relate different scents to each season.

I often turn to select essential oils during each season to support my physical and mental well-being The warmth of summer beckons us outdoors, and it’s a busy time with social gatherings. However, with the summer fun comes the occasional sunburn, tension lingering in the air, and the persistent buzz of summer bugs.

Keep your cool 🧊

It’s not just the temperature that rises, but often tension surges in the heat (or the heat of the moment when navigating family get togethers)

When you’re feeling the heat try these essential oils in a diffuser or aromatic spritz*: peppermint, grapefruit, sweet orange, chamomile (Roman or German), ylang ylang, cypress.

You could try Mother Nurture’s Refresh blend in the diffuser or reach for hydrosols (orange flower, lavender or peppermint) for a ready-made spritz or compress*.

To create a calm atmosphere try using any of these essential oils in a diffuser: bergamot, sweet orange, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium. Mother Nurture’s Harmony blend is a great option here.

*see below for application methods & directions

Too much sun? ☀️

I’m sure we’ve all experienced some degree of sunburn, despite following sun-safe advice. If burns are extensive, severe or causing other symptoms seek medical advice.

For mild sunburn, lavender or peppermint essential oil in a compress or tepid bath can be beneficial. Use Lavender hydrosol for young children.

A nourishing, healing body oil can be applied after sun exposure. In a base of macadamia, sesame or apricot kernel oil add essential oils of geranium, lavender and/or German chamomile.

Belligerent bugs 🦟

Mossies, flies and insects like to join the party in the warmer months. One way to help deter insects is to use a few drops of the any of the following essential oils in a diffuser: lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus citriodora, tea tree, cinnamon bark or peppermint.

If you haven’t managed to prevent those mossie bites a dab of neat lavender or tea tree can help reduce the sting. For children under 5 years old dilute first. Use Lavender hydrosol instead for babies and young children.

Alternatively, Mother Nurture Ouches and Itches balm is great to have on hand. It contains natural oils which are soothing, healing and antiseptic. (for children under 2 years opt for Mother Nurture Baby Bottom Balm).

Ouch! 🤕

Summer usually means more time outdoors where injuries often occur. I love having essential oils on hand in my first aid kit.

For minor cuts and grazes use an antiseptic wash or compress using tea tree and/or lavender essential oils. Geranium can be useful to help stem bleeding in small cuts and wounds. These essential oils also have pain relieving properties.

Once the wound is clean, Mother Nurture Ouches & Itches balm works a treat. This balm is proving very useful for an array of issues! Opt for Mother Nurture Baby Bottom Balm in children under 2 years.


Components of some essential oils are photosensitive, i.e. they make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Avoid putting these oils on the skin prior to sun exposure: Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Grapefruit & Bitter Orange.

Peppermint oil must not be used around throat or neck of children under 3 years

Application Methods and Directions

Inhalation: 4 to 6 drops in a vaporiser or 1-2 drops in bowl of warm water or on a tissue and inhale. Don’t use continuously: 30-60mins ‘on’ then the same time ‘off’.

Bath: mix 6 to 8 drops of essential oil in dispersant or 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or shower gel. Add to warm bath, lie back & relax.  Alternatively put 2 to 3 drops in corner of shower recess.

Massage/perfume: mix 4 to 6 drops of essential oil into 10mls (2 teaspoons) of vegetable oil or unscented cream and massage into skin or apply to wrists, neck and chest.

Compress: put 1-2 cups of water into a bowl. Add 2-4 drops of essential oil and swish (or preferably use a dispersant as above to mix essential oil into water). Soak cloth, squeeze out excess water and apply to affected area. Hydrosols are a gentle, safe option: mix 1-2 tablespoons into water. Use hot, warm or cool water depending on issue.

Aromatic spritz: use 10-15 drops essential oils to 50mls of water. It is preferable to mix the essential oils into a dispersant first then add water. If not, shake well before use and avoid contact with eyes.

N.B. These dilutions are suitable for most adults & children over 7; for children 2-7 years of age use half quantity; 1-2 years of age use quarter quantity. For babies consult a qualified aromatherapist for advice.

Be aware that dropper sizes vary, so modify amounts used accordingly.