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More women are seeking out complementary therapies to treat discomforts and enhance wellbeing during pregnancy and childbirth. Aromatherapy is one effective option that can be safe and easy to use. However, there is often concern about the use of essential oils during pregnancy with a wide range of conflicting and confusing advice.  

Whilst not expected to be an expert, it is beneficial for practitioners caring for these women to be aware of what these therapies offer and where to look for professional advice and information.

In this online workshop we will cover:

  • Safety considerations of essential oil use during pregnancy 
  • Benefits & practical application of aromatherapy during pregnancy
  • Effective use of aromatherapy during labour & birth 
  • Review of relevant research and case studies 

NB. If you have limited prior knowledge of aromatherapy, I recommend completing the Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop first.